Sunday, 1 December 2013

KitKat and Flash.

I know,  the title sounds like Lamas has acquired 2 kittens, but that is not the case.  In any case Lamas Dog would not approve.  She is most definitely anti-cat!

Android 4.3 KitKat and Adobe Flash player probably should have been my title.

A good few web sites use Flash player.  There are also quite a few people that use Android devices.

There are many sites out there that will explain why these 2 technologies don't immediately play nice together and that Adobe stopped supporting Android a couple of versions ago, so if necessary, I will wait while you Google it.

Lamas Dog

There are several Android devices here at Lamas HQ.  The phones are not a problem.  However, the recent Android upgrade of the Nexus to 4.3 caused some head scratching.

But someone else has come up with a solution to make Flash work on Android, once again.

XDA developers member, Surviveland, has sorted out a solution.

The post, which explains it, is here at XDA

Great job, Surviveland!

Enjoy your Sunday.

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