Sunday, 15 November 2015

HMRC refund email

The Network Manager got an email this week supposedly from the HMRC.

It was one of those that look almost authentic.

It had the HMRC logo at the top and was notification of a tax refund.

The Network Manager is gainfully employed and pays his tax.  If there was a slight chance of a refund, it would not be in November and he is PAYE and therefore, rather unlikely to see it.
It also calls it a "refund" don't all us Brits call it something else!

It asks him to follow the link to give bank details so that the refund can be processed. 


Out of interest and for the purposes of research, he clicked on the link, but our ISP was already on it and had blocked the site.

So there is another one to add to the list.

  • Microsoft will NEVER telephone you, 
  • Your bank will not email you to verify your internet banking details while blocking your account,
  • HMRC will not email you to give you some money back!  As I understand it, they only write "proper" letters to people and send them via Royal Mail.

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