Monday, 3 June 2013

User Account Passwords

User Accounts are a good thing. 

Forgetting the password for it is not! 

Another thing that is not good is setting a password that you cannot remember setting and not remembering what it was that you set it to!

Lamas Design "Networking Division" managed to set a password on his laptop user account yesterday
  1. without actually realising that he had done so
  2. not using one of his standard methods for making up said password
  3. not making a note of it.
So, today when he switched on his laptop, he arrived at the login screen and was unable to get any further.

It was not long before he realised that he might have an issue.  He tried various different combinations. 

The reset password link on the login screen is to be set up BEFORE crisis point.  Not after you have forgotten, mis-laid, or set it up by mistake!!

I learned something new today.  I learned how to sort this out without any tears, reinstalls or anything major!  Just another sucessful day at the office!

One thing that I also learned is, that if you only have one user account on the PC it makes it more difficult (but not impossible.) to sort out. Having a second account on your PC makes life a little bit easier!

I will be sending the Network Division an invoice for my services!! 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Raspberry Pi Media Centre (Again)

The Lamas Household is getting on well with the Raspberry Pi.

That's about the size of it!

Because of this I have decided to add an additional service to Lamas Design and Technology.

As an additional service I am going to supply and install Raspberry Pi to turn a TV into a Smart TV to stream media.

For the first 2 weeks in June I will be offering it at a discounted rate.

For Full details and prices see my website!

Lamas Design website.

I hope your first day of summer was a good one!

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