Friday, 25 March 2016

Security Housekeeping - Facebook revisited

When you read a Facebook story that tells you to share this piece of important information with ALL your friends, contacts etc it is often about a scam or hoax or whatever… check your facts before reposting.

Some of this so called information has been doing the rounds since the dawn of the internet!  

Pick a sentence from the post and do a quick google search.  

There are websites dedicated to explaining these myths and internet legends.  Hoax Slayer has a section dedicated to Facebook scams & hoaxes.  Also, if you have time, it makes for hilarious reading. Another one is

Next time someone tells you that Facebook are going to start charging or turn the clock on your iPhone back to 1970 for a retro look or that "famous Person" is moving to your town you can check your facts before reposting to all your Facebook contacts.

Link to Hoax Slayers Current top 5 dumbest

Link to Snopes recent list

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Digital Resolutions - Drivers

Before Christmas I started to do a Digital Resolutions series.  I am going back to it.  

Todays topic is Windows Drivers:  

This has come up quite often following Windows 10 upgrades.   I have found that Windows 10 does not always find the optimal drivers for the bits and pieces on your PC.  So it uses and old one that it found on the back of the shelf behind the old zip drive and the floppy drive cable on top of the XP Installation disk, that's a bit dusty.  

It is difficult to persuade Windows 10 itself that actually these “Are not the Drivers you are looking for” and it might be better to tell windows 10 rather than ask it.  

Without going all Jedi Mind trick on Windows 10 you could use a 3rd party application to update your drivers rather than letting Windows do the work.

There are many applications that will tell you that you have outdated drivers but will try to charge you to actually find, download and install the drivers.

Iobit have a suite of "free for home use" applications that includes Driver Booster.

It scans your system and locates, downloads and installs updated drivers for each component in your system.  Reboot and you are good to go.


Friday, 4 March 2016

New Phone

Its that time again!  The contract is up and I have not only a new phone but a new provider as well!

Its great to get a new bit of tech to put in your pocket but sometimes it is a bit of a culture shock when you go to do something that you have done 100 times before and Oh! that shortcut has gone or in my case this morning, why no predictive text and what is this keyboard, why is it not typing the  word I want when I "Swype" t-h-e?

I've set a lot of stuff up but still there are things that are not quite right.

I don't have any brilliant or fancy answers, I was also missing all my text messages this morning.  You know that one that she sent 18 months ago with the new address, which I have not needed till now.....

It is still fortunately on my old phone.  Maybe I should do a blog post of "Things to do to make your phone look and act like your old one did" !  

I'd read that and probably find it extremely helpful in about 24 months time!

Last night I sent a text to my sister - I ended up sending it to her landline number, as it is now the top one on the list of numbers stored for her.

I have just tried to pair it with my computer and it didn't like it. The phone suggested that I switch bluetooth on and off on the phone or Factory Reset my PC.

I am still using android, just a Mobile provider messed about one.

Enjoy the weekend

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