Friday, 19 July 2013

PC overheating in this weather?

The Junior Lamas Design Duo finish school today.  They start their new one in September.  

I went to their leavers assembly today and yes, I cried!  I cried the day they started and I cried the day they finished.  I am their mum, it is my right to do so!

The weather we are having at the moment is just fantastic.  The garden is dry, well, maybe dryer than I would like but the hosepipe is taking care of the vegetables growing in the garden.

What we do need to watch is the temperature inside.  Computers and Laptops dont like being hot, they need to be kept well ventilated.  

If you are having a sudden epidemic of PC crashes, reboots and general nonsense it may be that you are having overheating issues.

Make sure all the fans inside desktops are working.
Ensure that the vents on your laptop are clear and that air is circulating freely.

If you still have issues it may be that there is a build up of dust inside your PC which needs clearing out.

This is quite easy to do, but it is something Lamas Design and Technology can fix.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Tuition : one to one computer lessons Benfleet

I was recently asked if I offered lessons in using a computer.  I replied Maybe!

I have just given my first lesson.  It seemed to go well and I was rebooked for same time next week.

So I am adding this as a service offered  by Lamas Design.

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