Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I have recently overhauled the security on all the Lamas devices.  There are quite a few that are used for various different tasks at Lamas HQ.

I have noticed that some of the free versions don't have "on access" scanning.  Lamas dog and I were reading a recent magazine, that I get on subscription.  It provides a download service instead of the cover DVD.

One of the offers was a 6 month sub for Panda Internet Security and another for 12 months Bitdefender AV.

The Panda software includes a module that will protect the kids online activities.

 £75 Quid's worth of software for less than the magazine cover price - as the subscription for the mag was less per issue than cover price of 5.99.

If you are interested, the mag was the January issue of PC Pro.

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